Friday, March 1, 2013


assalammuaikum...thanks for support my me,i will upload all taha al junayd new video i have.i also knew it's very hard to you to visit this's because when you search this blog at you browser,this blog not appear right?i have registered my blog with google and yahoo crawl a few days ago...and insyallah,after 1 or 2 week you will see this blog appear when you search this blog at google and yahoo(yahoo need long time to make blog being indexed).i appreciate all your,hope you keep support my blog.thank you...


  1. Shukran for all your efforts. May Allah reward u greatly.

  2. If possible,do upload old videos as well. Jazakallah.

    1. actually...i just want to upload only recitation when he was grew sya allah,i will upload soon..but my purpose is still to upload taha's recitation the young one...however,thank for support me...